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We are looking for bloggers that are passionate about writing in the business, travel, home improvement and adventures niche. If you have expertise in these topics, don’t hesitate to share your article. We’ll respond to you asap if your article is the right fit for us.

We are accepting free guest posts at present. Kindly read the below guidelines and terms before shooting us an email at or fill the contact form.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles must be above 700 words. 
  2. We prefer informative articles and avoid complete promotional articles.
  3. It should not have any grammatical mistakes.
  4. It should be 100% unique. Copied content would be immediately rejected and you’ll be never allowed to publish content on our site.
  5. The articles should be easy to read and should be divide into small paragraphs. We consider using heading tags and bullet points a good practice.
  6. Add 1 good quality featured image and 1 image in the body of the article. 
  7. Please don’t use copyrighted images.
  8. We only accept articles that fall under our category. If you’re unsure, you can ask us using contact form.
  9. Only 1 link is allowed. Kindly note that at present we’re not linking to any Asian countries websites. Therefore, don’t add links to the websites of Asian locations. We have major TLD distribution in US, UK, Canada, etc.



  1. We hold the complete right to add internal links and high authority external links to the articles.
  2. You are not allowed to republish the article anywhere else on the internet.
  3. We might make few modifications to post, images and links to make the article right fit for our audience.
  4. After publishing your article, you can’t claim its ownership. You also can’t claim for the payment or copyright infringement.


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