Travel Design


Meet Mary: she’s your modern day travel agent.

Now that we’ve established that familiar reference, let’s just go ahead and evolve from that title and call her what she is: a travel designer that offers the curated guidance you need to truly enjoy your entire vacation experience, and in the signature style she’s been bringing to life since she started Living Big. To learn more about Mary, founder of Living Big and lead Travel Designer, click here.

Travel Approach

The Living Big style and approach to travel design is all about:

  • Taking on the work required to plan a vacation so you can really be in the moment, and not the CEO of your friends and family while traveling.
  • Since Mary’s been to nearly all of the places she will recommend, you don’t have to worry about wasting a day of your vacation to a bad restaurant, hotel that doesn’t meet your expectations, a missed train connection or destination that isn’t what you were looking for.
  • Inspiring you to discover the heart of a destination (the history, culture, nature, food, people, etc.) in an authentic, genuine and experiential way.
  • Creating space for smiles, memories, laughter and inspiration; all while making you feel cared for, safe, informed and absolutely spoiled.
  • Having a thoughtfully organized plan that allows you to see and do the things that matter most, but not so rigid that you miss out on the magic of the unexpected that joins you on the journey.
  • To see this style in action on the Living Big hosted adventures that Mary has personally planned, produced and hosted, click here.

Custom Curated Services

When you hire Mary to bring your vacation to life, you’re hiring her for the elements of your trip that you need support with the most, this could include:

  • Travel planning for: solo travel, family travel, group travel (including facilitation among the group) etc.
  • Suggesting destinations, crafting an itinerary, or planning a route (what’s the best way to get from A, to B to C?)
  • Making recommendations and/or bookings for your trip: hotels, ground transportation, experiences, restaurants, destination specific travel advice
  • Airfare research (including how/if you can use all those miles you have accumulated!)

First time working with a Travel Designer?

Most requests will require a 30 minute call for Mary to gain an understanding of what type of support you need, your travel style, preferences and budget. She has a format and approach to guide this discussion.

  • After this call Mary will send you a proposal detailing the support you’ve asked for, planning approach and professional fee to bring it all to life.
  • You pay for Mary’s time; she doesn’t rely on commissions from hotels, tour operators, etc. to cover 100% of her travel design fees.
  • Travel planning is a collaborative process, requiring your input, feedback and approval along the way.
  • Don’t be offended if Mary isn’t able to take on your request if she doesn’t feel like she has the experience to meet your specific needs (i.e. the destination or your travel style)

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the form below to initiate planning. Mary will be in touch soon to schedule a time to chat about your travel needs!