Can you believe that it’s already been a year since I packed my bags and set off on my round-the-country trip? It feels like it’s only yesterday that I was getting ready to leave, and now I’m already back home. During the course of my time away, I learned a lot of things – including how to make money while traveling.

When I’m on the road, the last thing I want to worry about is money; I want to be able to take on risks and make the most of my time without worrying about how I can afford my next meal or whether or not I’ll have a roof over my head at the end of the day.

While there are plenty of other articles out there that can tell you all about finding cheap places to stay and eating cheaply, cutting your expenses, I’m going to focus on something else here: making money while you’re traveling.

Here are some of the top tips I can share with you that will hopefully help fund your next adventure.

Rent Out Your Extra Space on Airbnb

One of the most workable ways to make money while traveling is by renting out your own place – either a room or an apartment – when you’re not around. Believe it or not, you can actually make a decent amount of money by renting out your space on the Airbnb website (before their recent price increase in certain cities), and I know plenty of people who do this.

Since I often travel during off-peak times when prices are at their lowest, I tend to rent my apartment out during those months. I don’t earn as much during the off-peak times, but it’s still extra income that allows me to keep traveling when I need or want to.

Rent Out Your Car

If you live in a central metropolitan area, renting out your car when you’re not using it can actually be quite profitable. The biggest problem with this idea is that most people are reluctant to rent out their cars for fear of being ticketed or having something happen to their vehicles.

The best way around the rental rules is to use something like RelayRides, which allows you to rent out your car when not in use. Of course, the company has rules and guidelines that you must follow for insurance purposes—but if you do rent out your vehicle, there’s a good chance it will lead to some extra cash in your pocket.

Play To Earn Gaming Through NFTs

It might sound odd to earn money by playing a game – but it has become one of the popular and fast ways of earning cash. This is a new trend that’s starting to take off. Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are digital assets that are unique in some way or another. Basically, they are digital assets with which you can hold, collect, trade, and play games. They are not easy to create or store, but they can be very valuable. The best example of this is CryptoKitties, which features digital cats that you buy, sell, collect, breed, etc.

I’m currently playing Axie Infinity, one of the most popular NFT-based games here. I’m not earning huge money like some people, but it definitely helped supplement the everyday fund for my last trip – all while having fun and enjoying the game.

Sell Photos and Footage Clips from Your Travels

One of the best things I love about traveling is that you can end up coming back with some amazing pictures and clips that are perfect for turning into stock footage. While many people simply upload their photos and footage clips to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you have the potential to sell your photos and footage for a nice amount of money. If nothing else, you can post them on one of the many stock photo websites out there and earn a little bit each time someone downloads or purchases that photo from you.

After all, one of the best ways to remember all the great memories is by capturing them with photos and videos.

Monetize YouTube Vlogs

If you have a YouTube channel, monetizing your videos can actually be quite profitable. The key here is to upload quality content that will get people to subscribe to your channel and watch your clips regularly. You can vlog about pretty much anything or simply share your everyday routine while on the road.

You can create an intro video for your vlogs to better engage with your subscribers and establish yourself as an influencer in the topic of choice. You can also try partnering with different brands or companies looking for video marketing services, which means more money coming in.

I started my own vlog a while ago, but I haven’t been that active in uploading videos. Nonetheless, it has allowed me to make a few bucks through the monetization program on the site – all of which goes toward funding my next trip.

Create Travel Blogs

One of the good things about sharing your travels with others is that you can actually make some money by doing it. If you write a good travel blog that people enjoy reading, then writing and selling ads on your site (one of the most prominent options) can potentially lead to a nice income. Of course, you’ll need to reach a certain level of traffic on your site before you can pull in any serious money – but the potential is there if you work hard and do a good job with your blog.

In addition to selling website ads, you can also try out other methods for making money from your travel blog, such as selling eBooks.

Take on Remote Jobs

What if I told you that you didn’t need to quit your day job (if you had one) in order to travel the world? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! There are many opportunities for those looking to make a little extra money from wherever you happen to be at the time.

That’s where remote jobs come in. Before, if you wanted to travel and work simultaneously, it meant quitting your full-time job and going out into the big, bad world hoping to find a “regular” job that would allow you to make enough money on a regular basis for you to survive.

When I was traveling, I took up a few remote jobs here and there, including a couple of online writing gigs, a blog that paid me to review some products, and a few other projects. Honestly, I think it’s wonderful that so many opportunities are out there for us to make money while traveling the world – but the first step is being willing to take on those remote gigs.

Summing It Up

There are absolutely dozens of ways to earn money while traveling, whether you’re abroad or in your home country. While it might take some time and creative thinking on your part to find something that will work for you, the potential is definitely there if you’re willing to try.

The key to making money while on the road is to look for opportunities that allow you to do just that – make money. You can’t just go out there and expect your bank account to fill itself up, but if you keep your eyes open and work hard, it’s definitely possible to put a little extra dollar in your pocket (or maybe even save up enough to be able to take the trip of a lifetime).