Planning a holiday in Dubai? Then its quintessential desert must be on your bucket list. If you haven’t added it to your travel plan, you are missing out on a huge fun part! Evening desert safari Dubai invites the voyagers to its breathtaking beauty and a plethora of opportunities. These include enthralling activities, camping, entertainment, and traditional insights.

No worries if you are a bit tight on budget. There are many itineraries that offer a half-day tour, even four-hour tours as well. Considering this, we booked a six hours desert safari through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. It’s a trusted company as I had already heard great reviews about these service providers.

I recommend visiting the conservation reserve during dusk because of two reasons. First, you get a chance to witness the whole barren in the orange sunset hues. Second, if you want to experience different aspects of a desert safari Dubai. You’d only cover them in an evening expedition. So are you ready to discover what happens in an evening venture to the Dubai dunes? Keep reading then!

What Actually Happens in an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

1.   Pickup and Drop off

A venture to the Dubai dunes starts with a pickup. We were ready to check out from our hotel in Dubai right when the driver from Happy Adventures Tourism arrived to pick us up. He drove us to the conservation reserve within half an hour of the ride in a land cruiser. Other means of reaching the dunes are through bus service and self-driven packages. Grab according to your ease.

The classic evening desert safari begins in the late afternoon and ends a few hours after the sunset. Comprising a six hours tour in the heart of the golden dunes.

2.    Desert Sports

The sports arena seems super tempting to the madcaps, especially during the sunset. As the dunes take the reddening hues of the setting sun, the furious vehicles take on the dramatic statement. The desert arena offers the following amusements to the visitors.

  • Dune Bashing in Terrain Vehicles

Dune bashing is a famous sand activity among thrill lovers. In this. A 4×4 SUV takes the passengers across the high slopes of the dunes. We had a blasting dune bashing experience in a Nissan Patrol along with the tour guide from Happy adventures Tourism. The ups and downs covered by the skilled driver were similar to a roller coaster ride installed in an amusement park.

  • ·Surfing Across the High Dunes

The best way to cuddle in the Arabian sand is by grabbing a sandboard and glide across the sloppy dunes. Sand surfing is a unique way of amusement on the terrain. As the surfer maintains his balance on the sandboard, he talks to the arid air of the barren and the rest is just jaw-dropped on his maneuvers. If you know how to balance on a sandboard, sand skiing on the terrain is going to be your favorite sport from the very moment.

  • Quad Biking Fun

You can also grab a quad bike if you wish to drive an SUV by yourself. Quad bikes are four-wheelers that are equipped with roll cages and safety kits. Get the basic instructions from the expert professional and drift your quad bike like a dare-devil.

Meanwhile, we had a photography session as the portrait was perfect to depict the madness of a sunset desert safari. The Photographer from team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC took surreal photos in solos, groups, and lots of silhouettes.

3.    Campsite Activities

The Arabian tradition inspires everyone who visits its heritage land. There are pretty arresting activities going on at the campsite which attract all. These include henna painting for women and kids, Arabian outfitting, and falconry. Dress in the popular Arabian white robes and take Instagrammable clicks. Enjoy the amazing sand stunts of the falcon bird and make it your selfie partner! Whereas, women and little girls are also invited to the caravansaries for henna painting.

4.     Hues of the Sunset

The views of mesmerizing sunset are so bewitching that a beholder locks his gaze to the orange ball for a while. The whole desert premises drown in lovely transitions from yellow to orange to red. And then finally the dusk takes over the whole vicinity to welcome a frisky night. Nature’s occult fills you with gratitude upon witnessing its pristine beauty in a desert safari.

5.     Welcoming Dinner

We enjoyed the divine eatery at the buffet station which seems so tempting after crazy sand activities. Our hosts from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC presented us with multiple refills of chilled soft drinks. Along with that, we had snacks, tea, and divine sips of Arabian coffee. Serving “Gahwa” with a platter full of dates is a characteristic of Arabs for welcoming their guests. Along with the refreshments, we had luscious engulfment of BBQ, veg dishes, appetizers, and the iconic Arabian cuisines on the menu.

6.    When the Entertainment Begins

Evening desert safari exclusively offers the visitors to become a part of the live shows. These live shows present various dance forms which reflect the beautiful preservation of the Arabian culture. The striking belly dance is the iconic performance you’ll encounter there. Also, the Tanoura dance is performed by the dervishes. With their spinning moves, they can stimulate your inner mystic. The insane fire show adds sparkles to the night and is stunning to see. 

Smolder shisha through water pipes and enjoy this festivity to have shots of ecstasy in the dune arena.


An evening expedition to the majestic dunes of Dubai is all in all a package of entertainment, thrill, discovery, and cultural insights. To collect all these perks in one place, you need to grab proficient tour guides. Every firm out their offers to provide the company with experienced guides and tour operators. 

Our trip reached the level of blasting fun because of the company of great tour guides from Happy Adventures Tourism. The hospitality was so up to the mark that I can’t help praising them. So, grab a visit to this mesmerizing travel destination by reaching out to the trusted travel planners.