Traveling and exploring the world is a beautiful experience. The allure of new lands, new cultures, and food is too good to ignore. However, travel comes with its share of risks. From losing things to being scammed and falling sick, a lot could go wrong and ruin your travel experience. 

As beginners, many of us have made mistakes we shouldn’t have. But over the years, we’ve mastered the art of traveling. We’ve learned how to make the most of our adventures while minimizing the risks. 

Why Should You Follow Travelling Tips?

A quick search on the internet will show countless results for tips for traveling around the world, the things you should do and shouldn’t do when in a new country, and so on. People share their experiences so that others don’t end up suffering a similar fate.

Impulsive and eager travelers or the ones with little traveling experience tend to brush aside these tips. After all, exploring the world means you’ve got to be adventurous and not live by lists. And that’s where many newbies end up in dangerous situations and even risk their lives.

Whoever said that being a wanderer means you’ve got to be aimless? When going to a new country, it is crucial to know what you’re getting into. Be it the local customs and regulations or the areas that are marked unsafe for travelers, tempting fate isn’t always a good thing.

Being scammed or robbed is sure an experience and lesson you’ve learned on your own, but it’s something you can easily avoid by following the international travel tips and taking the necessary precautions.

Benefits of Travel Tips 

Travel tips aren’t limited to telling you about things to do while traveling the world. Following the travel safety and budget can make your trips more memorable and enrich your experience.

  • You’ll be prepared for adversaries 
  • You’ll learn to trust your instincts when in a new country/ city 
  • Travel tips help look at things from a different perspective 
  • You can save money even when traveling and being comfortable in the process 
  • You’ll have happier memories when you’re prepared 
  • There won’t be any last-minute rushing or missed opportunities 
  • You’ll be comfortable traveling alone, with your partner, or with friends and family 
  • You’ll feel less stressed about the trip and enjoy it more 
  • Your confidence will increase as you are armed with tips from travel experts 
  • You’ll learn how to prioritize your plans and focus on the most important ones 
  • Travel tips help you be more acceptable to changes, new traditions, and cultures from other lands 

This post is a compilation of travel tips and tricks that’ll help travelers (single and groups) to have the best time of their lives on foreign lands. These are the tips for traveling around the world we wish someone wrote for us to learn when we were stumbling through. 

1. Patience is the Key 

You’ve got to understand that a few things will always be beyond your control. Becoming impatient will cause more harm than help you. Take a deep breath, grit your teeth, smile, and move on. Travelling tips also help only when you are patient and adjusting. 

 2. Travel Light

Buy a smaller suitcase or a backpack when traveling. You never know when you have to walk miles and miles carrying that weight on your shoulders. It’s better to have extra space in the bag than extra weight. Take only essentials. 

 3. You can Repeat Clothes 

Absolutely! The suitcase is not a magical wardrobe. You can’t expect to wear a different tee or top every day when traveling. What’s more important is to wash them thoroughly (with a dash of antiseptic) before wearing them again. 

 4. Carry a Towel, Wrap  

One of the valuable travel tips is to carry a towel/ wrap. It can come in handy anytime. It can double up as a blanket, a bedsheet, or even a shawl if you have nothing else. Don’t rely on hotels to provide you with towels. 

 5. Book Your Tickets in Advance 

Budget travel tips are life savers, don’t you agree? Traveling on instinct sounds great but planning the trip will be more beneficial when you have a limited budget. You don’t have to spend double or triple the amount by booking a ticket at the last minute. 

 6. Read the T&C 

Not all travel agencies can be trusted. Make sure to compare the rates and read the terms and conditions before you give them your money. Don’t rely on online reviews. These are easy to manipulate. Communicate with other travelers and learn from their experiences. 

  7. Keep a List 

Lists are there to help you, guys. It is super easy to forget something important until it’s too late to rectify. Being there and doing that. Our travel tips and tricks come from personal experience. Create a list and carry it with you. Make copies of the list if necessary. 

  8. Wake Up Early 

Do we hear you groan? We understand. But raising up early is one of the top travel tips you’ll see in many articles. The early morning time is the best to observe the new location, take some wonderful candid shots, strike a conversation with the most unlikely people, and taste some of the best food. Also, you won’t be late to catch a bus/ train. 

  9. Stay Alert, Be Observant 

Travelers are easy to spot in any country. That makes us more prone to being scammed or attacked unless we follow the travel safety tips carefully. Observe your surroundings and stay alert. You don’t have to go hyper-alert, but just don’t get lost in taking a photo that you miss someone stealing your bag.

  10. Being Wise is Not Being Cheap 

You need to know when to spend your money and how. Deals and discounts are great only if you really need that item/ service. Living in a mice-infested room to save a couple of bucks is not a wise decision. 

  11. Batteries and Chargers 

Oh, dear! We never seem to find them when necessary, isn’t it? Carry extra batteries and an additional USB charger. Running out of battery in a new place is risky in more ways than one. It is also one of the vital business travel tips. 

  12. Learn a Bit of the Local Language 

At least learn enough to ask for help if you’re lost. Words like please, thank you, sorry, etc., in the local language will make the locals feel friendlier towards you. 

  13. Take Pictures of Places and People 

You may not remember the people, but the pictures will bring back memories from the day and make you smile. 

  14. Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance will save your money and keep you protected in South Africa, Dubai, NYC, and other countries/Cities. It is a must-follow from the list of International travel tips. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. 

  15. Respect Others 

People, in general, want to help, even if they don’t know how to. Don’t be rude to anyone who is trying to help. Not all of them are scammers. 

  16. Jackets and Earplugs are Lifesavers

A jacket will protect you from all kinds of weather conditions. And earplugs? Well, these will help you get some rest on a crowded bus. 

  17. Eat Local Food 

Try local food as long as you are not allergic to it. It’s okay to explore different food items and taste them. What’s the fun in traveling otherwise? 

  18. Don’t Binge on New Cuisine 

Seems like a contradiction? Actually, no. This is more about being controlled with your diet. Having an upset stomach is not a good way to spend a day, especially if you are likely to be on the road most of the time. 

  19. Haggling is Fun 

Bustling streets with colorful shops are way cool to shop. You also get to haggle a bit and buy something you like for a slightly lesser price. This is one of our budget travel tips that help you spend money but not too much either. 

  20. Spend Money on Shoes 

Your feet will do a lot of walking. Treat them with respect. Invest in a sturdy pair of shoes and keep them regularly.  Knowing where to spend your money is important to have a happy trip, and our travel tips and tricks will help you.

  21. Keep Emergency Cash and Spare Documents 

You never know when you need either of them. Make photocopies of your originals and carry them with you. You cannot ignore these travel packing tips, folks. 

  22. Volunteer 

It’s a great way to know more about local customs and cultures. You can volunteer as a trade-off as well and get some food/ shelter in return. 

  23. Be Assertive 

Of course, you’ve got to take a firm stand at times. But don’t lose your cool in the process. 

  24. Have an Open Mind 

The world is diverse, and some cultures do things differently from yours. Not all of it is good or bad. Accept both and take things in stride. 

  25. Say No to Taxis 

Taxis are expensive and risky. Use public transport as much as possible. Ladies, this is one of the vital tips for female travelers, no matter where you go. 

  26. Over Planning is Not Good

Know the difference between planning and over planning. Be flexible enough to make a few changes but don’t end up deserted because of it. Find the right balance. 

 27. Carry a Metal Water Bottle 

Refill it whenever you find good, clean water. Invest in a portable water filter. It’s economical compared to buying water bottles. 

 28. Use Hospitality Websites 

You get to save money on accommodation and meet locals without risking your life in the process. This is one of the best tips for traveling around the world without burning a hole in your pocket. 

 29. Pack a First Aid Kit 

Don’t ever travel without a first aid kit. It can save your life and others. If you’re traveling with your dear ones, these kinds of family travel tips can make the trip more enjoyable and stress-free. 

 30. Make Your Own Food 

If you plan to live in a city/ town for a considerable time, buy groceries and cook your own food. It’s cheaper and one of the best budget travel tips

 31. Tourist Eateries are Expensive 

You are expected to end up spending a lot of money on the same food, especially if you are traveling with family. One of the family travel tips is to find an eatery a bit away from a tourist destination. You’ll be surprised at the difference in rates. 

  32. Look for Free and Safe Wi-Fi 

Coffee shops, libraries, etc., offer free Wi-Fi to customers, and this is less risky compared to open Wi-Fi in the city center. 

  33. Do Your Research 

Research is only going to help enrich your travel experience. It’s better to know what to expect than jump in blind and break a leg.

  34. Write Down the Hotel’s Name 

What if you forget the hotel’s name? It happens more frequent than we would like to admit. Write it down along with the address and phone number. 

  35. Sunscreen is a Must 

Ignore the weather. Carry sunscreen and a hydrating lotion in your bag. Don’t forget the lip balm. This is our travel tip of the day. Avoid sunburn.  

  36. Ask Locals for Suggestions 

Read about the things to do while traveling the world, but don’t forget to ask local for suggestions. You don’t have to follow them, but you sure can ask. However, tell them what you want so that they can provide better suggestions. 

  37. Expensive Hotels Don’t Guarantee Quality 

It might be a surprise to you knowing how many times this has been proved true. More money doesn’t equate to quality always. Be sensible. 

 38. Travel Locks are Helpful 

This is found on every list of travelling alone tips for first time travelers. No one will safeguard your bags when you leave them unattended. You’ve got to do it yourself. 

 39. Travel Credits Save Money 

Yes, they do. Collect travel credits and redeem them for free flights and accommodation whenever you can. 

 40. Direct Flights are Not Always Cheap 

You might end up saving money by getting into a connecting flight or searching for a cheaper route. 

 41. Malls Have Good Restrooms 

You can do some window shopping or observe the crowd if you have time. Don’t hesitate to enter a mall or even a shopping center to use the restroom. 

 42. Hotel Staff has Valuable Information 

If you want to know about the things to do while traveling the world, ask the hotel staff. They deal with budget travelers all the time and have information at their fingertips. 

 43. Wear Comfortable Clothes

If jeans and tee are your comfort wear, pack them. Unless you are visiting places with restrictions on clothing or visiting religious sites of other cultures, jeans should blend in just fine. 

 44. Carry Emergency Numbers

Preferably, emergency numbers of all the countries should belong to the governmental agencies created for citizen safety in the country/ city. When at risk, the officials can help you better than others. This is one of the must-follow international travel tips. 

 45. Get Vaccinated 

Don’t travel without getting vaccinated. Your health should be your priority. This one tops the list of travel safety tips. 

 46. It’s Okay to Not Buy Souvenirs 

Oh, yes. Don’t be tricked into feeling guilty about not buying a souvenir from every place. 

  47. Use VPN for Internet 

It’ll keep your accounts from being hacked and provide access to shows that may not be aired in the country you are currently in.

  48. Step Out of the Comfort Zone 

We know it’s risky, but it’s worth it most of the time. Just remember that daring to do something different is not the same as being stupid.

  49. Money Belts Attract Attention 

These are also the first thing thieves target when they grab you. Carry money as you always do, unless the city’s official website has listed any guidelines. You’ll find contradictory travelling tips on this point, but money belts are risky. 

  50. No More Currency Exchange at Airports

The exchange rates are bad at airports. Research about trustworthy exchange places before you visit the country. 

  51. Use Flip Flops in Hotels 

Looking for unique travel tips? Here’s one. Wear footwear (flip flops) when in the hotel room or even in the bathroom. Let’s not take cleanliness for granted. 

  52. Carry Toilet Paper 

It can be used in many ways. Tear half a roll and fold it into a smaller one. Tuck it inside your bag. You never know when you’ll need some of it.

  53. Stay in Touch with Friends 

Update at least your best friend about where and how you are. Someone should know your whereabouts and contact the authorities in case of emergencies. Don’t ignore travel safety tips when you’re on unknown lands. 

  54. Relax and Slow Down 

One of the family travel tips people tend to ignore is that traveling isn’t about rushing from one place to another; definitely not when you have kids. Slow down, breathe, and take your time to enjoy every destination you visit. 

Don’t forget to read our travel tips articles and learn the do’s and don’ts of tips for traveling around the world. Share it with fellow travelers, and have a great trip.