Custom tray and sleeve boxes are so versatile that they can be used to package anything from electronics to food, which is why they’re the perfect choice for any business.

I know tray and sleeve boxes are not exactly the most exciting topic to talk about. But, believe me when I say that tray and sleeve boxes can be very versatile and beneficial for your business. There are many different types of tray box packaging for you to choose from.

For example, custom tray and sleeve boxes come in all shapes and sizes! They are perfect for a variety of products like food items, groceries, retail items, or even office supplies! In this blog post, I will discuss some types of tray boxes you may want to consider using for your business.

The tray and sleeve box are a popular choice among business owners because it’s durable, lightweight, affordable, and convenient to pack and transport.

Different Kind of Tray and Sleeve Boxes


  • Pastry tray box:


These are the perfect size for a tray of brownies or muffins. They come in different sizes, but we recommend an 18×13 tray with custom sleeves. These will fit perfectly inside the tray!

  • Display tray:


If you want to display your products on a tabletop, then one way might be using a large display tray without any inserts. But it is possible that you may need more than one product per row– this would have been impossible before because most trays only come in two rows (some do offer three). Nowadays, there’s no problem, though, as many trays now come with four rows which can hold up to six items!

  • Custom tray:


If your business is selling cakes or brownies in bulk, then this may not be the right option because it’s meant to fit on top of a single baking sheet that has been placed inside an oven. Instead, you’ll want to get something like small tray inserts so they can hold more than one type of product– these would make sense if you sell both brownies and cupcakes!

Tray inserts allow your customers to see all the products at once without reaching into different compartments. It also makes it easy for them to take home their favorite desserts after indulging too much from your bakery!

  • Soap Packaging Sleeves


Sleek, sleek, and sleeker! Soap sleeves are a very popular choice in packaging for handmade soaps. Unfortunately, they’re often overlooked because they don’t provide much protection to the soap bar – but what’s that when you have style? Just wrap up your bars of soap with these stylish cardstock bands, which display all sorts of information about the product on its surface and protect it from scratches throughout its lifespan.

  • Kraft Paper Sleeves


If you’re looking for farm-style, rustic packaging that will give your product an old-world charm, kraft paper sleeves are a perfect choice. They often come with an adhesive strip on the back, making it easy to seal them around the soap bar (or any other package). It also provides extra protection by enclosing everything in its durable layers of brown craft paper.

A different kind of sleeve is one made out of Kraft Paper – and these can be designed as either tray sleeves or just plain envelope ones! These are elegant yet affordable and provide just enough coverage without being too bulky. You’ll find many uses for this box when it comes time to display your soaps at home.

  • Food Packaging Sleeves


Food companies are usually left with small budgets for packaging. This means most food is wrapped in paper, cardboard, or plastic and sealed via shrink foil before it can be sold to consumers.
Food industry experts know that this wrapping method may not seem like much of a concern compared to ensuring all products taste good, but it’s important! The package protects items from unwanted contamination while preserving their shelf life – which ultimately affects how long they’ll last on store shelves and what price customers will pay at checkout counters across America.

  • Shaving Kit Box Packaging Sleeves


Gentleman Jon’s Wet Shave Kit is a classic product. The design of this packaging sleeve, which goes over the black tray box and is made from kraft paperboard, makes it look like something your grandfather would use to store his shaving gear in when he was young!

  • Sleeves with Sides Folded In


A side-folding sleeve has its sides folded inward so that all four walls meet on top at the seams. These come in handy when packaging items like games where customers want easy access without having to open up.

  • Sleeve for every packaging object


Sleeve and Tray packaging has such a versatile packaging that you can pack anything from shirts to socks to laces, etc.

Sleeve Protects Merchandise

In order to protect your merchandise, we offer tray and sleeve boxes wholesale. The versatility of these products is so great that you can use them for anything from storing a single DVD or CD to containing all the parts in a kit. This packaging also protects items when shipping by providing added protection against potential damages like rubbing or scratching on corners. And it’s easy to distinguish an item within a tray box: tray with sleeves enclose each individual product inside and make access easier than ever before!

Aesthetic Appeal

Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes are available in different colors (white, kraft brown, black), meaning they have multiple options that will match any company’s aesthetic appeal while still maintaining its integrity.

Custom Sleeve Boxes with Innovative branding

Box sleeves are a great way to take stock boxes and make them fully custom. You can eliminate the cost of printing custom box labels, use generic cardboard instead, then add your own printed label over it for easy retail display without costly investments or rebranding needed if you want to test new products or run seasonal offerings!


The versatility of custom tray and sleeve boxes makes them a great option for any business, whether you’re shipping products in bulk or need to pack fragile items. And with Stampa Prints as your supplier, you can be sure that the quality is unmatched. You can visit their website if you want more information on how we can help create the best packaging solution for your needs!