Switzerland is a place of wonder and natural beauty. The Alps are one of its primary attractions, where we can enjoy the snow and mountain views most of the year. But being a part of Central Europe, Switzerland is not covered with snow throughout the year. So, tourists get ample opportunities to enjoy different adventure activities in Switzerland.

Among Switzerland activities in winter, conquering the daunting slopes of the Alps remains everyone’s favorite. But Switzerland has much to offer. The wonderful hikes, scenic sightseeing, and clear blue sky can charm every outdoor enthusiast. Here are some outdoor adventure sports if you are planning a trip to Switzerland.

Adventure sports that you must try in Switzerland

  • Skiing

The best and most popular activity during winter will be skiing in the Alps. Zermatt and St. Moritz are two of the best Skiing destinations. St. Moritz, the world’s best sports resort, connects the towns of Klosters and Davos. Both of the towns have several skiing playgrounds. Both the famous ski resorts offer a range of adventurous Switzerland activities. There are challenging skiing slopes for seasoned skiers and gentle, easy slopes for beginners.

  • Sledding

Albula to Preda is the most daunting sledding track in Switzerland. The ride can offer you some exciting scenic views as it goes through a spiral tunnel. If you want a more thrilling journey, you can take the ski lift up to Darlux. The journey will end at Bergun village.

  • Hiking

During the spring, Jungfrau looks like a paradise. There are many hiking trails you can enjoy during this time. The blue lakes, alpine forests, green slopes, and fields covered with wildflowers look mesmerizing in the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Trails like Eiger, Via Ferrata, and Blumental are very popular for hiking. If you need a more secluded and less crowded trail, you can opt for the Obersteinberg trail. All these trails are safe and navigable.

  • Water rafting

Spring is the best time for Whitewater rafting in Switzerland. Lutschine is the most popular destination for river rafting. You get rapid flows in this river coming from Zweilutschinen, which is situated in the North of Alps. If you opt for river rafting, it will take you to the scenic Interlaken valleys. You will also get photo service, which will capture your thrilling activity.

  • Funicular ride

Summer is the most enjoyable season in Swiss countries. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful places in Switzerland, you must try Gelmer Funicular. This vehicle was used to transport construction materials for the Gelmersee dam during the 20s. Now, this is used to offer the most enjoyable funicular rides all over Switzerland. You ride at an inclination of 45 degrees, which gives enough thrill and excitement. It can only carry 45 people at a time. For kids, the tickets are 12 Fr, and for adults, it is 32 Fr. So, if you want a panoramic view of Switzerland comfortably, you must try this.

  • Paragliding

Paragliding can offer you a breathtaking view of Swiss countries from the sky. Enjoying the view from land is quite different from witnessing a place from that height. You can go paragliding from Lauterbrunnen, which is the central town in Jungfrau. You will be trained according to the safety guidelines. After a few practice runs, you can go for the actual launch. Your pilot guide will be with you while you soar above the beautiful meadows and mountains. One can witness some stunning views of Alpine mountains and hidden villages.

  • Jet boating

If you are opting for a trip to Switzerland from the US, you must try high-speed jet boating. For adrenaline addicts and thrill-seekers, this is a must-go activity. Lake Brienz can offer you adventurous jet boating during summer. Eleven passengers can enjoy a jet boat ride at a time. It allows you to take speedy runs and 360-degree spins. Heavy wind and splashing water make this journey more thrilling. It will take you to the Giessbach waterfall, where you can enjoy the turquoise water surrounded by dense forest. 

  • Camping

During autumn, nature takes its true colors. The best way to enjoy the Swiss outdoors is to camp amidst nature. Arolla village is the most visited destination that can offer you an amazing camping experience. It is 1998 meters high, surrounded by dense pine forest. You can also see the peaks of the beautiful Mont Collon glacier from this campsite. 

There are a lot of best places to visit in Switzerland. But if you do not take part in the thrilling outdoor activities, your trip will be incomplete. All these mentioned activities are performed under expert’s guidance, so they are safe for everyone. Being an adventure lover, you will enjoy these activities to the fullest. So, make your trip more adventurous by taking part in all the outdoor activities of Switzerland.