Why Living Big?

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Client Feedback

The whole trip was planned to a T. Mary is so passionate and I love that!!

Mary rocks! She was organized, kept us going, positive and took care of all the details. SHE IS AMAZEBALLS!

I was exceptionally satisfied with Mary’s leadership. What a relief from the usual duties one has to deal with on any trip. Mary took care of where to go, what to do, where to eat, how to get there, tiping, tiping and tiping. And she did such a fine job of it that she got all us women to follow her because she instilled in us such respect for her competence.

I think it is difficult to bring nine women of different age groups, from different walks of life, and different parts of the country, and meld them together to make lifetime connections….and yet Mary did just that!

The timing of the excursions and downtime were very well done. At no time did I feel rushed, harried or tired because there was too much planned. We did ALOT – but when the trip was over I didn’t feel like I needed a vacation from my vacation.