The Principles for Living a Bigger Life

Rick is a travel blogger who believes in going after his dreams and living big. Isn’t that what we are made for? Why settle for less and risk nothing when you can have more by taking the big leap?

What does a big life mean to you? Is it money, success, growth, satisfaction, peace, or all of them? Living big is a concept for the mind and soul. It means to lead a fuller life that gives you the satisfaction of achieving something beyond your reach.

Many of us are stuck in a day-to-day routine with little or no time for growth and excitement. Sometimes, even our holidays are a chore rather than an adventure. Does that make us happy? How often have you come across someone and thought that’s what you’ve always wanted to be?

What’s stopping you from taking the risk? What’s keeping you from living life to the fullest and enjoying success as well as failures? Why listen to society that says failure is bad when success follows right behind it?
It’s time to live the life you’ve wanted for a long. Look at Martin and see how he changed himself for the better to lead a big life. Don’t settle for the minimum, folks. You don’t want to be sort of happy. You want to be the happiest person on the earth.

Be Your Ideal Self

All of us have two or more people inside us. One wants the best of everything, while the other is more than happy with the bare minimum. Acknowledge the shadow that wants an easy life. But feed the ideal self and own it. Bring your best side out into the open and strengthen it.

Take Risks

When someone asks how to live a big life, the answer is simple. You need to start living and take risks. You should jump over the edge (figuratively) and take the step forward. It’s all right to start small as long as you are doing something you’ve never done before. It should bring you more happiness and lead to living in a big way.

Embrace Discomfort to Grow Stronger

Yes, there will be discomfort. It will be tough. It will hurt. But be persistent. Don’t give up. Embrace the discomfort that comes from feeling vulnerable, weak, doubtful, and impatient. Understand that this will make you stronger when you channel your energies to living bigger.

The Difference Between Big and Busy

Understand the difference between being busy and living big. You could be busy doing things that don’t really matter. Prioritize your goals. Life is living and experiencing the best. For that to take place, you need to be busy doing the right things.

Don’t Forget Love

One of the most important principles of a good life is to embrace the love of your loved ones. They are your strength, and living the life bigger with your loved ones in it will be enriched in several ways.

Embrace Positivity

Keep yourself in touch with positive people who believe in living a big life without causing harm to others. Spread positive vibes and focus on what will help you achieve your dreams.

Remember That You Will Fall

You will fall, but will also get up and start again until you reach where you want to be. Living big, sky is the limit should be your motto.


Life is big; live it the same way. Make it bigger and better. You deserve the best version of yourself. You are capable of it. Take the step and walk forward with confidence.